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How Do Severe Storms Affect Your Water Quality?

In Dallas, you see so many crazy storms throughout the year. This includes heavy rain and flash floods and sometimes these storms can cause damage to our property. Not only can it cause damage to things that we invest in, but it can also cause what is called stormwater that picks up pollutants such as trash, grit, oil and heavy metals from cars and trucks, pesticides, and fertilizers from lawns, and sediment from bare spots.

All of this stormwater is then drained into your local bodies of water, increasing amounts of contaminants in our tap water, erode our topsoil, stream banks, and destroy natural habitats.

Some local Dallas water treatment facilities are able to filter these things out, but most cannot.

We can’t stress it enough about how important clean water is to your quality of life every single day.

Take control of your water quality and ensure that no matter what storms come through Dallas, it won’t affect your drinking water.

An in-home water purification system is the perfect solution! Please reach out to us today to schedule a free water test. Call us at (833) ONIT-H2O

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