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I Got 99 Problems... Hard Water Is Four Of Them

If you didn’t start jamming to Jay-Z when reading the title, you probably weren’t born in the ’80s and that’s okay. I am glad we got your attention! Hard water is one of the peskiest residential problems around the country. Hard water interferes with nearly every aspect of cleaning. This includes washing your hair to laundering your clothes. It should be noted that hard water is not a health risk, but a nuisance because of mineral buildup on fixtures and poor soap and/or detergent performance.

The amount of hardness minerals in water affects the amount of soap and detergent necessary for cleaning.

Here are four problems that we have recognized that are caused by hard water:

  1. Grimy rings around the bathtub and soap scum tiles are a result of your soap and detergent negatively reacting with hard water.

  2. Hard water can have a negative impact on your bank account. Not only do soaps and detergents have to overcome water hardness. Meaning you will have to use more in order to be effective. You will also have to purchase new appliances like your washing machine, water heater, dishwasher or water-dispenser on the refrigerator more frequently.

  3. Hard water resists clean rinse of clothes. Ever had a sour smell on your clothes after you washed them and dried them in an adequate amount of time? The build-up of detergent attracts stains and weakens fabrics, causing clothes to wear out faster.

  4. Hard water soap absolutely clogs pores, dries the skin, and leaves dull deposits on your hair, rendering it flat, falling out more frequently and lifeless.

Did you know that a water filter can get rid of these problems instantly? When you choose to make this investment, you’ll start to notice that those four problems have gone away completely. If you want to learn more about your water, call us at 833-ONIT-H2O to schedule a free water test.

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