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Why You Should Drink Filtered Water

It is a known fact taught in biology that human bodies are made up of a lot of water; 60 to 65 percent to be exact. The water you choose to drink each day helps to replenish your body and give you strength. Some of us have great tap water, whereas, other cities have questionable water filtration for tap water. If you’re drinking water that contains heavy amounts of contaminants, what does that say about your body composition?

Unfiltered tap water could be responsible for a number of different health and neurological issues. To ensure that you’re as healthy and fit as you can be, it’s important to use biological water system filtration as much as possible.

You may find that by making a simple switch, you feel better and more energized.

Every function in the human body involves the use of water. Your bloodstream, nervous system, and tissues all rely heavily on your water consumption to replenish and refuel. Without the necessary amount of water, you could suffer from headaches, fatigue, dizziness, depression, kidney stones, skin issues, hair loss, and trouble concentrating. This doesn't equate to the health issues that can arise from water that has been contaminated by high levels of chemicals, heavy metals, and other harmful ingredients.

This is why we drink filtered water!

Drinking the right kind of water not only improves hydration, it also improves your quality of life. I know a common complaint women talk about in online forums is hair loss. If you haven't tried it yet, try showering with filtered water for a significant period of time. If the hair loss is due to hard water, you will see a significant improvement. The best kind of water to drink and use around your home is filtered water.

Unfiltered water can carry microorganisms that cause disease and illness when consumed. It can also contain heavy metals like mercury and lead. Depending on the source of the unfiltered water, it may also be contaminated with environmental chemicals. Because it’s difficult to determine if a water source is filtered, you should consider trying our free water test. It comes with NO STRINGS ATTACHED. We want you to love your water and reap the benefits from it!

Filtered water successfully removes bacteria, toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals that have seeped into the water by agricultural, industrial, and mining means. There are various ways to achieve filtered water. No matter the method, it’s a safer option that limits side effects when consumed.

If you are interested in more information about filtered water or would like that free water test, contact us here!

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